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Meet Dr. Morgan

Dr. Todd Morgan

Known as an authority as a practitioner of Dental Sleep Medicine, DMD Dr. Todd Morgan received his initial training from the Washington University School of Dental Medicine where he graduated over 25 years ago. During his decades of practice in California he has published many research articles and directed clinical research studies concerning Oral Appliance Therapy for obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and headaches. He and his organization have written books and many industry-approved articles, in addition to directing scientific trials financed by the NIH on using dental appliances to treat sleep apnea. As a pioneer of the industry, Dr. Morgan and his team have established the most appropriate ways of identifying patients who are good candidates for OAT. He’s currently working with primary care physicians and others in a collaboration effort that will lead to the most favorable outcomes for patients using oral appliances. The gold standard for trial of OAT is The Apnea Guard, a device patented by Dr. Morgan that allows for therapy to begin right away and identifies the best jaw position for each individual patient. Dr. Morgan has a second oral appliance design patent as well, and he’s also served on the AADSM Board of Directors twice. In 2014 and 2015 he was the Vice Chair of the AADSM Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine Course, and in 2013 he directed the design of the current Board Examination Review Course that was put into use that year.

Dr. Morgan with Patient

With a personalized method of patient care Dr. Morgan makes certain you understand all of the information needed to ensure you receive the treatment that works for you. For over 25 years he’s enjoyed creating an environment that’s comfortable for patients, where you can have your obstructive sleep apnea successfully treated to improve your quality of life. Going above and beyond for each patient is just part of what makes Dr. Morgan’s dental sleep medicine practice so exceptional. Well respected in his profession, he continues to lecture and speak around the world regarding Oral Appliance Therapy. In an effort to motivate and inform parents about the potential consequences of thumb-sucking in children he published the book Why The Long Face: A Story About Thumb-sucking. In the book he writes about unhealthy behaviors may affect airway development as well as craniofacial growth balance.


Dr. Todd Morgan, DMD

Dr. Morgan is an invited speaker and lecturer as well as a published author
on the subject of Sleep Apnea. See a list of some of his lectures, research, and publications.


Meet Dr. Odom

Dr. Bill Odom is a Specialist in Orthodontics with more than 53 years of diverse experiences. Graduating with honors from the College Of Physicians And Surgeons California, he is an Orthodontist who specializes in Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Odom is an expert in utilizing appliances that gently and carefully bring the lower jaw and tongue forward to open the airway. This treatment can effectively relieve the symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and CPAP Intolerance.

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