Holiday drinks to avoid for a good night sleep

During the festivities of the holidays we tend to go to more parties and gatherings in which holiday drinks are served.  Everything from caffeinated drinks like peppermint mocha to holiday cocktails. With so many delicious sounding drinks, it’s easy to overdo it during the holidays.

Getting a good night sleep will need you to be careful on your drink choices and quantity of drinks. According to National Sleep Foundation, caffeine sipped at 4 pm will stay in your system until 10 am. If you need to feel rested or get up early the next day, consider a decaf option or an herbal tea.

Eggnog and many other festive holiday drinks contain alcohol so drinking during the holidays generally increases. Alcohol is a sleep pattern disrupter, according to National Sleep Foundation. Although, you may fall asleep quickly, alcohol may interrupt your circadian rhythms by affecting your chemical levels and sleep patterns. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum for a good night’s sleep.



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