Can Summer Affect Sleep Apnea?

We look forward to Summer all year long. The travel, the swimming, the relaxing. All these activities are great and should be soaked up. But is also important to be diligent about your sleep especially if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Travel can have a tremendous effect on our sleep. Sleeping in new place, new bed, new surroundings and not to mention the time changes all can affect your quality sleep. Try and keep your routine the same as home. That can at least help make you feel something is familiar. Make sure the environment is comfortable. These things you have some control over and that can help you with restless nights.

More outdoors means more exposure to allergens. If you have allergies that contribute to your sleep apnea, more outdoor time can make them worse. You may experience more nasal congestion and other allergy-related symptoms, which can worsen your sleep apnea. Be prepared with an allergy medication to help you with the symptoms.

Take time to prepare before you head outdoors or travel to different places to ensure that your sleep apnea condition doesn’t worsen.

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